• 658 Wishes Granted
  • 5K Foam Fest Partnership Raises More Than $90,000 for Make-A-Wish® Canada


With more than 65,000 participants across 15 events nationwide, Make-A-Wish Canada and 365 Sports are happy to announce that the Canadian 5K Foam Fest exceeded its fundraising goal for 2018. Through gear check, participant fundraising and donations, the 5K Foam Fest raised more than $90,000 for children living with critical illnesses across Canada. 


Participants like Make-A-Wish® ambassador, Saskia Vaisey, helped to make the event a huge success. As a wish recipient, Saskia understands firsthand what it’s like to face obstacles in life. After being diagnosed with lupus at a young age, she needed something positive in her life. Having her wish granted gave her something to look forward to, but most importantly, it acted as a catalyst for her recovery. Now years later, Saskia uses her story as inspiration and participates in events like the 5K Foam Fest, demonstrating that anything is possible.  


 “I think this partnership is great because it’s about people having a lot of fun and overcoming obstacles,” says Saskia. “It really supports wish kids who have to overcome huge obstacles in life, turning this into a great fundraising event.” 


Thank you to all volunteers and participants who fundraised, donated and wrote encouraging messages for our wish children on the Wall of Hope. Your support gives our wish kids the strength and courage needed to face their obstacles. 


Thank you to 365 Sports for its ongoing support and commitment to our mission. Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.  


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