Chapter Wish Stories

  • Kadence and Addison's Wishes

    Ages: 13 & 10
    Medical condition: Friedrich’s Ataxia
    Wishes: Kadence - I wish to swim with dolphins Addison - I wish to ride a horse on the beach

  • Lincoln Wishes To go to Walt Disney World®

    Lincoln, age 3, diagnosed with Treacher Collins Syndrome, wished to go to the Disney World Resort® in Florida.

  • Seth makes his big band debut

    Throughout Seth’s treatment process for Astrocytoma, music was a refuge. During band class at school he could spend time with his friends and focus on a shared passion.

  • Liam Wishes to have a sensory room

    Name: Liam 
    Age: 5
    Medical condition: Wilm’s Tumor
    Wish: I Wish to have a sensory room