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According to the results of a 2011 – 2013 Wish Impact Study that surveyed wish parents, past wish kids, health professionals, and volunteers, a wish come true empowers children with life-threatening medical conditions to fight harder against their illnesses.


When wish kids are granted a wish, they get more than just a great experience for a day, two days, or a week. That experience improves the quality of life for them and their entire family.


Health professionals treating them say the wish experience is an important adjunct to medical treatment, and they observe their patients feel better and comply more readily with treatment protocols when they experience their wish come true. And the community volunteers who grant wishes say the wish granting process heightens both their ability to see the best in others, and their commitment to actively help more people in need.

Adult former wish kids say the wish experience made them feel better socially and emotionally, improved their health and strength, gave them more confidence and the will to pursue more challenging life goals, made them more compassionate and philanthropic, and even helped to save their lives.

See the stats:

  • 98 percent of adult former wish kids felt an increased sense of compassion toward others
  • 97 percent of adult former wish kids say they experienced improved mental and emotional health
  • 87 percent of adult former wish kids say their wish experience gave them the courage to pursue opportunities that were difficult or impossible before they received their wish
  • 83 percent of adult former wish kids say they experienced improved physical health and strength
  • 71 percent of adult former wish kids believe the wish experience contributed to saving their lives


Parents say the experience brought their families back together, gave their children new energy and resolve, and restored normalcy to their lives.

See the stats:

  • 99 percent of parents reported that the wish experience gave their children increased feelings of happiness
  • 98 percent of parents felt the wish experience gave them the opportunity to be a “normal” family again
  • 96 percent of parents said the wish experience strengthened their families
  • 92 percent of parents saw their children experience re-empowerment to take back the ability to make decisions in their lives
  • 92 percent of parents observed a reduction in fear and anxiety among wish kids’ siblings
  • 85 percent of parents observed a decrease in their children’s anxieties or fears


Medical professionals say the wish experience can improve their patients’ state of mind, their willingness to comply with treatment requirements, their response to treatment, and their physical health.

See the stats:

  • A combined 89 percent of nurses, doctors, social workers and child-life specialists surveyed say they believe that the wish experience can influence wish kids’ physical health
  • 75 percent of health professionals observed that the wish experience decreased their child’s depression or sadness
  • 58 percent of medical professionals observed an increased willingness by wish kids to comply with treatment protocols, in the most recent wish child they treated


Volunteers say granting wishes gives them more faith in humanity, makes them more philanthropic, and instills in them greater optimism for the future.

See the stats:

  • 97 percent of volunteers reported feeling more grateful and thankful as a result of helping to grant a wish
  • 95 percent of community volunteers reported an increased sense of compassion
  • 92 percent of volunteers, 94 percent of wish parents, 84 percent of medical professionals and 86 percent of adult former wish kids expressed a deeper commitment to philanthropy and/or volunteering
  • 94 percent of adult former wish kids, 84 percent of volunteers and 92 percent of medical professionals feel an increased faith in humanity
  • 92 percent of wish parents, 64 percent of volunteers, and 77 percent of medical professionals felt increased trust in others


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The mission of Make-A-Wish® Southern Alberta is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

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Wish Impact Study

Learn more about the impact wishes have for wish kids, families, and everyone else involved in a wish experience.

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