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Sebastian wishes to have a play structure

Sebastian is an active and happy little boy who is always on the move. He loves playing in the park and going swimming with his sister, Gabriella. When he’s not outside, people can find him in the corner of the house playing children’s songs, “wheels on the bus,” “five little...

Kianna Wishes to Have a Party!

Kianna loves music and loves people. For her wish, she wanted to have a party and invite all her family and friends.

The Make-A-Wish staff, volunteers and supporters pulled out all the stops for this lovely little girl. She was dressed in a beautiful gown, arrived at her party in a carriage made...

Rosela Wishes To Have A Play Structure

Eight-year-old Rosela lives with a Seizure disorder. Her favourite thing to do is go to the park and play on the swings and on the slides. When her family moved to the countryside, there were no local parks for her to play in. The absence of a park is what inspired the...