Ayrianna wishes to have a Hollywood party - the 500th wish

A Hollywood movie theme party was a dream of 15-year-old Neurofibromatosis warrior, Ayrianna. Neurofibromatosis is a genetic order that causes tumours on nerve issues and affects intellectual developments.

“She struggles, but she’s doing very good, very good,” said her mom, Crystal.

On her Wish Day, Ayrianna had her hair and makeup done and was given a special gold dress that was delivered to the hotel for her. Once everything was ready, Ayrianna was escorted to the Palace Theatre in a luxurious limo complete with a police escort! As soon as she arrived at the party, she was overwhelmed with cheering crowds of fans and swarms of paparazzi and reporters.

More than 160 people attended the party to celebrate Ayrianna’s Wish Day. “My favourite part is seeing everyone come out and support her and being here just for her. It’s seeing a community come together,” said Crystal.

During the afternoon, Ayrianna watched many wonderful performances by artists such as Maskcorp, Jase Nelson, Frank Boltz Hip Hop, Michael King, Kacey Fifield, Denny Eddy, Sean Croal. To round out the day, Ayrianna herself sang four songs for the cheering audience.

Ayrianna was also presented with her very own Hollywood award as the most inspiring kid.

“Her energetic personality is infectious and everyone who meets her can instantly see her love for life and desire to enjoy every situation,” said Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta board chair, Lynne Douglas.

“It’s really fun and really awesome,” said Ayrianna of her special day. “It makes me feel very happy and excited.”

Ayrianna‘s wish was a special day for Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta as it marked the chapter’s 500th wish granted - an important milestone since its inception in 1995.

“500 is such a milestone for us. We’re granting about 50 wishes a year and we keep increasing the number of wishes every year,” said Kim Anthony, Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta CEO. “We look forward to the next 500."

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