Dawson's Wish

When Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta wish granters first visited Dawson and his family, it was clear what his wish would be. He had been preparing for the Wish Discovery meeting by watching YouTube videos of all the scariest rides at Walt Disney World® Resort!

This appetite for adventure came as a bit of a surprise to his parents, but they, and Dawson’s twin, Denver, were game. Having gone through years of medical consultations, treatments and surgeries, Dawson seemed to intuitively know exactly what his family needed—an adventure in the sun!

Weighing just over one pound each when they were born at 24 weeks, the twins have been fighters since day one. Dawson had more severe medical issues than Denver and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was two. It was around the same time that he began having seizures. After many tests and procedures, Dawson had brain surgery in 2016 to remove the part of his brain that the seizures were coming from.

The trip to Walt Disney World® Resort was a time for the family to forget the medical treatments and create positive, long-lasting memories. When they left for Florida in February 2017, their excitement was clear. Dawson couldn't wait to go on all the rides, and his family was happy to be there and support this positive experience. They had an action-packed week at the Florida theme parks with visits to Universal Studios and of course, Walt Disney World® Resort. 

On the first day they arrived, the Magical Kingdom parade had just started. Dawson wasted no time and quickly joined the dance party with his new friend, Chipmunk Dale. The days that followed were filled with roller coasters, meeting favourite characters and eating ice cream for dinner.

Dawson’s mom Courtney says the trip was all about letting loose and having fun: “One of the highlights of our trip was going on all the rides. We didn’t know we had such thrill seekers!  To see the excitement on Dawson’s face was just amazing. He was finally living out his dreams that he had wished for. It was such an awesome experience to see his twin brother let go of his fears and have fun as well. Our family will be forever grateful for the wonderful experiences Make-A-Wish gives.”

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