Gabbi wishes to become a make-up artist for CATS in New York.

Gabrielle (Gabbi) is a sweetheart who loves hugging her daddy in her free time. She loves drawing and she can draw all day while listening to her favourite singers, Katty Perry, Adele, etc. She delights her whole family and people around her with her charm and warmth. A funny fact about Gabbi is that despite being allergic to furry animals, she loves cats and cats are always her favourite characters to draw.

At the beginning, Gabbi was not very sure what she truly wanted for her wish. The combination of her wanting to be a makeup artist and her love of cats led her to the wish to become a makeup artist for CATS. It was absolutely a perfect wish for Gabbi.

She was beyond excited when she learned her wish would come true. She even cried more when she realized that the wish was all just for her and not a bunch of kids with the same kind of wish.

“The wish reveal also seemed like a wish itself!” Gabbi said. “I got funky postcards telling me how many more sleeps until my wish flight!”

The most memorable part was definitely the wish event where Gabbi was dressed up in a beautiful blue dress and picked up in a limo to go to the Broadway theatre.

“It was the best day of my life!” Gabbi said.

Gabbi definitely felt like a VIP. She went on a tour of backstage and got to watch a few performers rehearse before the show, which was a bonus. Then, Gabbi was introduced to Jonalyn, the CATS performer whose makeup she did and Victoria, the makeup supervisor.

“Gabbi, Jonalyn and Victoria just had so much fun together and we could not have scripted that any better,” Gabbi’s mom, Bernadette shared.

According to Gabbi, “I did an amazing job I think. Vicky, the makeup director only explained the steps!”

After that, Gabbi watched the show. “OMG! It was so good!” Gabbi said. “The actors I met backstage kept coming over to me in my seat and giving me paw bumps!”

Gabbi was on cloud nine and couldn’t believe what was happening.

Gabbi’s parents expressed their gratitude.

“The wish experience was absolutely fantastic, and really made Gabbi feel very special. She kept wondering what she did to deserve all of this special attention, and has been so grateful for the experience. It was such a great feeling for all of us to see such a big deal made for our little girl that loves to do things for others, and have her forget about the hardships of her disease for a little while and step into her own little story book which was a dream come true.”

Besides having a wonderful wish at the theatre, Gabbi and her family also visited the Statue of Liberty, museum of natural history and central park zoo. “It was so much fun,” Gabbi said.


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