Gavin Wishes to go on a Disney Cruise

Gavin is nine years old and living with Cystic fibrosis. After countless days in the hospital and endless tests and procedures, Gavin’s family discovered the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Very quickly, Gavin’s wish was granted and the family of four was off on a Disney Cruise Line Adventure. He enjoyed numerous experiences available on a Disney cruise; meeting Mickey Mouse, beach days, seaside experiences and an all-around good time. 

"During his wish it seemed like he forgot he had Cystic Fibrosis, there was no coughing, less medication taken and he was a wild, carefree and crazy nine-year-old boy," said Gavin's Mom, "I have never seen our sons smile more in my life then they did that week on the cruise".  

The trip was an incredible experience for Gavin and his family. "It was the perfect trip to bring the family together," said Gavin's Mom.

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