Harlo Wishes To Be A Princess

Harlo is an active 3-year old who is diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma. Her wish was to become a princess!

Harlo loves to shop, loves race cars, and loves doing arts and crafts.  In looking at all the things she liked, we incorporated a trip to West Edmonton Mall. Harlo, as well as her entire family, stayed at the Fantasyland® Hotel in West Edmonton Mall.

According to her mother, “Harlo had a smile the whole week we were in Edmonton and it made for great family bonding after the crazy summer we spent split up. The first thing Harlo did when we got to the mall was hit up the Disney store to buy shoes, clothes and a princess coat. We were able to go swimming, visit the sea lions and cavern, go on the rides (which we did a few days) and play at the arcade.  I think the thing she had the most fun doing was becoming a princess—she is still talking about it.”

Harlo’s princess day started with a hair and nail makeover at a salon… She was particularly pleased by the sparkly nail polish.  She was escorted by two RCAF corporals, gentlemen who volunteered to be her “Prince Charmings”.  Afterward, she and her family attended a princess party… a party where she and her family were greeted by other princess and all present played games, did crafts, and snacked on cupcakes and juice! 

It was a lovely trip for a lovely girl. Thank you to everyone who made Harlo's wish come true.

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