“I wish to go to Walt Disney World® Resort.”

Nine-year-old Eleora steals people’s hearts with her big smile. Not many people know that behind those smiles is a little Wonder Woman who has been fighting furiously with sickle-cell disease every day. Sickle-cell is a disease that causes blood disorders, stroke, swelling in hands and feet, and bacterial infection.

Eleora dreams of becoming a doctor and owning a hospital one day because she likes to help children.

When asked what her wish would be, Eleora recalled a previous trip to a Disney theme park, when she was very young. She wished to go back as a VIP so she wouldn’t have to have to wait in line. Make-A-Wish made her dream come true!

Eleora had a wonderful time in Florida. Her favourite theme park was Universal Studios where she went on many adventurous rides, and met a variety of characters - all without having to wait in line!

What made the trip even greater was that Eleora and her family made new friends with many other Make-A-Wish families whom they could share their stories and experiences with.

“I was sad to leave,” Eleora says.

The trip was truly a special gift that inspired her and her family to keep moving on and believe in the transformative power of a wish.

Thank you to Adopt-A-Wish® sponsor Ace Volleyball Club for showing the power that community can have on children with life-threatening medical conditions.


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