Kadence and Addison's Wishes

Kadence and Addison are two outgoing sisters with a love for life and adventure. In 2015, both girls were diagnosed with Friedrich’s Ataxia, a life-threatening condition that leads to impaired muscle coordination that worsens over time.

Almost a year after they were diagnosed with this genetic disease, Kadence and Addison went on their wish trips to Hawaii. This destination was chosen because of their unique wishes: Addison wished to ride a horse on a beach and Kadence wished to swim with dolphins. The sisters say they chose these specific wishes because they were new experiences they wanted to try.

During their time in Hawaii, the girls could relax and have fun with their family. After the five-year journey that led to their diagnosis, the trip was a welcome break from the tests and doctor’s appointments that had become all too routine.

Wish mom, Shanna, says all the attention received on the trip was overwhelming and special. “From the announcement party with all their friends, the announcement on the airplane to arriving at the hotel and feeling so important. Every minute was planned to the last detail. It helped renew their strength so my girls can focus on the joy and hope in their lives.”

“The Make a Wish Foundation truly brought so much happiness to our family. Not only did it fulfill the girls’ wish to swim with dolphins and ride horses on a beach in Hawaii but it also demonstrated support from the whole community. We are so thankful for this opportunity,” says wish mom, Shanna. 

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