Kaley Wishes To Meet Barney

Kaley is three years old and lives with a cardiac condition.

In March of 2013, Kaley and her family travelled to Universal Studios to meet Barney, a life-changing experience that brought Kaley's family closer and allowed her to temporarily move beyond the challenges of illness and experience the simple pleasure of being a child.

Kaley and her family stayed at Give Kids the World Village, a place where children with life-threatening medical conditions and their families are treated to a week of memorable and magical experiences. While in Central Florida, the family also took the time to visit Walt Disney World and Seaworld - spending quality time together in a place known to inspire hope and joy among children and adults alike.

Music and Barney are an important part of Kaley's life, so she was thrilled beyond measure when he bounded out for a special meet and greet after his performance at his musical show. Kaley came out of her shell amidst the excitement of the musical show. 

Kaley's mother writes of the experience: "Thank you for giving Kaley a week without needles, appointments and therapy and exchanging it for a week of endless smiles, hugs and laughter. Kiera, Kaley's twin sister, was finally able to bond with Kaley without medical interruptions and instead as twin sisters should... full of  joy."

Many smile-filled photographs later, Kaley and her family have a bit of magic to draw strength from as they continue their journey.

Thank you to everyone who made Kaley's wish possible. The memories made will last a lifetime. 

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