Kianna Wishes to Have a Party!

Kianna loves music and loves people. For her wish, she wanted to have a party and invite all her family and friends.

The Make-A-Wish staff, volunteers and supporters pulled out all the stops for this lovely little girl. She was dressed in a beautiful gown, arrived at her party in a carriage made for a princess and sat on-stage on a throne. She reigned in her enchanted forest theme and was the centre of attention. She was entertained by numerous artists: her cousin Andrew, Adam Fitzpatrick of Elvis Evolution, Larry Vanetta and STORM. She participated in activities and had a chocolate cake... her favourite flavour.

Kianna was able to shine on-stage as she sang with Adam Fitzpatrick of Elvis Evolution, bringing tears to the eyes of those in attendance. It was Kianna's special moment, the one she looked forward to and will remember for years to come.  

Kianna's family reveal the experience and pure joy of that day:

"Watching her on stage with her Elvis, we know in our hearts that her wish was totally fulfilled above and beyond our wildest imagination, and the fact that she shared it openly with everyone that is special in her life is a dream come true as that room was filled with so much love you could feel it and see it in everyone's faces."  

Kianna will always treasure this day as one of the best in her life!

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