Madalynn wishes to go to the Florida theme parks

Age: 11
Medical condition: Congenital Heart Condition
Wish: I Wish to go to the Florida Theme Parks 

Madalynn is a happy, outgoing girl who is close to her family and loves to have fun. For her wish she wished to go to Florida them parks her family.

Their experience gave them a chance to reconnect and relax after years of medical visits and doctors appointments. Madalynn was excited to meet her favourite characters and go on the rides.

One of best, unexpected activities: simulated sky diving. A highlight for Maddy, the 11-year-old loved the sensation of flying!

“When it was my turn, I was kind of scared but thrilled to try it,” says Maddy. “This was one of the best parts of our trip and so fun to do as a family.”

The impact of a wish is felt not just by the wish children but the entire family. Maddy’s mom, Reannon says spending quality time together was the most memorable part of their experience.

“This trip was so amazing. It allowed us to travel without fear. The anxiety that has been a part of myself and the kids was non-existent the entire week we were away. This allowed us to enjoy everything we could pack into the week!”

A wish can improve a child’s state of mind, replacing fear with happiness and helping them feel like normal kids again. And while wishes help the kids who get them, they help their families as well.

“Letting go and just having fun without the medical issues overwhelming us was incredible!”

Thank you to Korth Group for helping to grant Madalynn’s wish!


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