Madison's Wish to go to Atlantis Bahamas Resort®

Madison’s wish was to go to Atlantis, and it was special every step of the way. She and her family were treated like royalty by WestJet while they travelled, with all the treats and amenities they could ask for. They were greeted at the airport by the Atlantis Resort with loads of bright orange signs dedicated to them, which made Madison’s trip feel very special and set it apart from other regular trips.

“It was hard to decide on one or two highlights. Everything was a highlight and great, but I did really enjoy the lazy river,” said Madison. Aside from that, some other magical moments for Madison and her family included receiving sweet gifts from the Atlantis Resorts staff, visiting the pottery place and the speedway, throwing a football around with the staff and interacting with dolphins! “This trip was like ending treatments with a bang, as being done with this chapter of my life. It was a good ending to what I had to go through,” Madison explained.

Madison’s mom believed that her daughter being granted this wish gave her something to look forward to while going through her treatments and even benefitted her brother, Ty, as he was able to get his sister excited about all they would get to experience and learn on their trip.

Make-A-Wish would like to thank all the volunteers and the Atlantis Resort who helped make Madison's wish a very magical experience!

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