Peter Wishes to Have a Drumset

Seven-year-old Peter lives with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Peter comes from a musical family. From an early age, he would drum on buckets or anything that was on hand to participate as his family played music together. Peter's wish was to have a drum set of his very own so that he could join his family with a real instrument. 

In July, Peter was window shopping in a music store with his mother and fell in love with a specific set of drums. His mother informed Make-A-Wish of this and his wish granters were able to give him exactly what he wanted. On his wish day, wish granters snuck into his house and set up his drums as well as a few extras. Peter was very excited when he came home and saw them. He sat on the stool and gave them a go. Peter quickly fell in love with his new drum set and had no problem getting into the groove like a professional. 

Peter's wish day was a moment where he and his family could re-connect with them and share the beauty of music. Now Peter and his family can celebrate each day together, reliving the unforgettable memories made on his wish day and from that day forward. 

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