Sebastian wishes to have a play structure

Sebastian is an active and happy little boy who is always on the move. He loves playing in the park and going swimming with his sister, Gabriella. When he’s not outside, people can find him in the corner of the house playing children’s songs, “wheels on the bus,” “five little monkeys jumping on the bed,” etc. on his mom’s iPhone, or just quietly enjoying his favourite book, “Spot The Dog.”

When the Make-A-Wish wish granters visited Sebastian and asked him what his wish would be, a play structure was the first thing that came to his mind. How appropriate the wish was!  

Prior to his Wish Day, KPMG and Make-A-Wish volunteers came to the house and helped to prepare the backyard. Sebastian was curious about what was going on in the backyard; however, he was not overly concerned.

On his Wish Day, in the early morning, volunteers form Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta and KPMG came and immediately started building the play structure. The play structure included a slide, an adaptive  swing  and a small kitchen. Under the heat of the hottest day of the year, volunteers worked very hard together to finish the play structure and prepare an awesome party with cupcakes, chips, pizzas, and gummy bears.

While the play structure was being completed, Sebastian was whisked away by limo with his grandmother, sister and volunteers to spend a few hours at Southland Leisure Centre, where he had a blast swimming.
The moment Sebastian got home and saw the play structure in the backyard, he climbed up and did his first slide right away. “I just want to slide, mom!” – Sebastian said. Everybody could see the excitement in his eyes. His sister also invited their neighbour to come over and try the new play structure.

“It’s amazing to see how simple things can bring so much joy and happiness to kids. I definitely had a great time volunteering and helping to build the play structure!” - A volunteer shared.

Thank you KPMG for taking part in our Adopt-A-Wish program and making Sebastian’s wish come true.


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