Seth makes his big band debut

Throughout Seth’s treatment process for Astrocytoma, music was a refuge. During band class at school, he could spend time with his friends and focus on a shared passion.

When Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta wish granters visited Seth, he knew exactly what he wanted: His very own trombone. He had been using the school instrument and wanted to have his own to practice during the summer months.

Seth’s wish for an instrument turned into an experience much larger than he could even imagine!

With the help of popular Calgary music venue, The Ironwood Stage, and the Primetime Big Band, Seth was presented with his new trombone on stage during the Primetime Big Band Brunch. He performed a song for concert-goers and was invited by the band to remain on stage with them as they finished their performance.

“The wish day was an affirmation of Seth’s personality and character,” says Seth’s dad. “It showed his ability to adapt to the lessened use of his left leg and arm.”

In addition to the new trombone, Seth was taken shopping for a new outfit to wear on his wish day. He was also given private trombone lessons to sharpen his skills with his new instrument.

Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta would like to thank The Ironwood Stage, Primetime Big Band, Yamaha Canada and Market Mall for helping to make Seth’s wish come true!

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