William Wishes to go to Jungle Cat World!

Eight-year-old William was diagnosed with Aucte Lymphoblastic Leukemia at a young age. This is a critical illness that is difficult for an active boy like William to cope with. Three and a half years of his life was centered around needles, medications and doctor's appointments... a great amount of time for a child as young as William.

Towards the end of his treatments, he was told he qualified for a wish with Make-A-Wish. He had difficulty making up his mind, but his love of anything feline won out... William loves all types of cats, including lions, cheetahs and tigers. His wish to go to Jungle Cat World was the ideal fit for him!

Along with Jungle Cat World, he was able to have a few other animal adventures at the Toronto Zoo, African Lion Safari, and Marineland. To round out his trip, he was able to go to Canada's Wonderland and see Niagara Falls.

William and his family agree that this was a fun-filled time where they could reconnect and enjoy themselves. William was finally able to celebrate the end of his treatments.

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