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Gabriela Experiences the Healing Power of Music

Gabriela is a shy 12-year-old who recently had a life-saving liver transplant. Her medical condition meant she qualified for a transformational experience from Make-A-Wish.

Gabriela loves music and dreamed of having her very own piano to play at home. Thanks to Yamaha Canada, her wish came true!

On the day...

Ayrianna wishes to have a Hollywood party - the 500th wish

A Hollywood movie theme party was a dream of 15-year-old Neurofibromatosis warrior, Ayrianna. Neurofibromatosis is a genetic order that causes tumours on nerve issues and affects intellectual developments.

“She struggles, but she’s doing very good, very good,” said her mom, Crystal.

On her Wish Day, Ayrianna had her...

Sebastian wishes to have a play structure

Sebastian is an active and happy little boy who is always on the move. He loves playing in the park and going swimming with his sister, Gabriella. When he’s not outside, people can find him in the corner of the house playing children’s songs, “wheels on the bus,” “five little...

Seth makes his big band debut

  • Seth, wish, trombone, wish kid

Throughout Seth’s treatment process for Astrocytoma, music was a refuge. During band class at school, he could spend time with his friends and focus on a shared passion.

When Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta wish granters visited Seth, he knew exactly what he wanted: His very own trombone. He had been using the...

Liam Wishes to have a sensory room

Liam is a happy, active boy who has Wilms tumour and is non-verbal. The perfect wish for Liam was a sensory room in his home. It would be a comfortable place for him that would be tailored to address his unique sensory processing needs.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta donors and...

Dustin Wishes to have an Entertainment System

Name: Dustin
Age: 16
Medical Condition: Cystic Fibrosis
Wish: I wish to have an entertainment system in my room!

Dustin’s wish was to have an entertainment system set up in his room! Due to his immune-sensitivities, friends often come over to visit him at his house rather than go outside to...

Elan's Wish to Have a Vibraphone

Name: Elan
Age: 16
Medical Condition: Rhabdomyosarcoma
Wish: I wish to have a vibraphone

Elan had a one-of-a-kind request: To have a vibraphone.

A music enthusiast, Elan spent most of his free time prior to his Rhabdomyosarcoma diagnosis playing in various bands, including the Calgary Stampede Showband. He began studying...

Arlyn's Wish to Have a Western Show Saddle

Arlyn loves horses. She loves riding, showing, and taking care of horses. Equestrian life is her true passion. Arlyn even wants to study equine sciences at Olds College. 


Kianna Wishes to Have a Party!

Kianna loves music and loves people. For her wish, she wanted to have a party and invite all her family and friends.

The Make-A-Wish staff, volunteers and supporters pulled out all the stops for this lovely little girl. She was dressed in a beautiful gown, arrived at her party in a carriage made...

Katharina Wishes To Have A Shopping Spree!

Katharina is a 15-year-old whose wish was every girl's dream: to have a shopping spree!  

The day started off with Katharina being picked up by limo and taken to Best Buy where she started off her day by picking up an iPad and some accessories. The limo then took her...